The Healthy Alternative to Fatty, High Calorie Salad Dressing

Dress a Salad in a New Way

Some people are just not big lovers of salads.  These are typically the people you see out who ask for extra dressing on the side so they can coat each piece of lettuce in something creamy or salty.  While they may be patting themselves on the back for the “healthy choice” in having a salad, they made the bad choice to ignore the calories in their salad dressing choice.

Did you know that T.G.I. Fridays Santa Fe Chopped Salad has 1,800 calories!!

What is ironic is they probably eat well in every other area of their diet, they are the ones who are careful about portion sizes and what they are feeding their families.  They do their best to eat the right amount of things, to choose the right foods and to make smart food choices.  Their logic is just flawed when they choose to ignore the dressing they pour on their food.

Healthy Sald with Gourme Mist Olive OIl and Balsamic Spray The truth is that salad dressing is an awesome addition to a salad.  Adding flavor and changing up what may be a ho-hum sort of side or meal into something full of flavor.  But when we are trying to eat healthy it can get in the way.

You can change the way you are dressing your salad.  Instead of pouring on (too much) of a regular salad dressing, which can have over 100 calories in a serving, you can Mist your salad and save many calories.  Each serving is less than 5 calories.  For the over user of dressing, they can still spray each level of the salad and save themselves at least 80 calories.

The other great thing about choosing Gourme Mist, instead of a typical pourable dressing, is being able to have a travel size that can go with you to your favorite lunch spot or family dinner destination.  Now the choice to get a salad can be made confidently knowing that it really is the healthiest option when you Mist it.

If you want to ditch the pourable dressing and start saving calories, you will want to order now!

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