Organic Canola Oil Spray Mister

Price: $9.99

A Mist of Canadian Canola

Deliver just the right touch of light and delicate Canadian Canola oil flavor to your favorite sautès and dishes with our revolutionary Mister.

Gourmè Mist creates a fine gentle spray just like an aerosol can. Very low in saturated fats, Canola oil is also great for high heat cooking. It’s easy to prepare delicious, healthy food when you’re in control. And at just 5 calories per serving Gourmè Mist is an excellent low calorie salad dressing and works great as a virtually fat free cooking spray.

Gourmè Mist is an environmentally superior choice to conventional aerosol spray cans. Recyclable, refillable and propellant free.

Ingredients: Refined, Cold Pressed, 100% Organic Canola Oil.

The Gourmè Mist™ Advantage

Gourmè Mist™  5-calorie flavor and cooking spray. Our selections of Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Sprays add flavor to all of your meals and snacks for less than 5 calories per serving! Our delicious balsamic sprays can be used instead of dressing and sauces on Salads, sandwiches, veggies wraps and snacks.  Even flavor or marinate meats, chicken and fish.

Pump Up the Flavor Without the Calories

Gourmè Mist™ brings more flavor with less fat and less calories. A healthy alternative to dressings, sauces, mayo, butter, cooking oil and aerosol cooking sprays. The fine mist controls the amount used for less calories so there is no need to measure your portions. Spray on salads, sandwiches, veggies, wraps snacks and more.  Marinate meats, chicken and fish. Our misters are great for grilling, sautéing, browning, roasting, basting, and seasoning.