Balsamic and Raspberry Single Serving Squeeze Packets – 14 Count

Price: $9.99

Try Our Portable Squeeze Packets to Enjoy Authentic Balsamic and Raspberry Vinegar Anytime.

Deliver just the right touch of authentic, imported balsamic vinegar from Modena, Italy with our single serving Squeeze Packets. Barrel aged up to 15 years, it’s sweet and subtle character is the perfect complement to your favorite salads, fruits, bread and veggies.

Ingredients: 100% Pure, Barrel Aged, Imported Balsamic Vinegar and Raspberry Juice.

Pump Up the Flavor Without the Calories!

Gourmè Mist™ brings more flavor with less fat and less calories. A healthy alternative to dressings, sauces, mayo, butter, cooking oil and aerosol cooking sprays. Gourme Mist Balsamic and Raspberry Squeeze packets control the amount used for less calories so there is no need to measure your portions. Drizzle on salads, sandwiches, veggies, wraps snacks and more.  Marinate meats, chicken and fish. Our Squeeze packets are great for grilling, sautéing, browning, roasting, basting, and seasoning.